Printing Instructions

My preferred printer for photo cards is Winkflash because of their great quality and unbeatable prices.  Plus, a photo card will include your envelopes!  I used to keep Winkflash printing instructions on here, but the website keeps changing so much that I can't keep up!  If you need instructions or get stuck while trying to order your cards, please just contact me and I can guide you through it.

All of my invites are sized to print as a 5x7 unless otherwise specified.  If you would prefer a 4x6, just ask...typically they will print at either size as long as your text isn't too small.

 Make sure that you take advantage of any special coupon codes that Winkflash is offering!  During the holidays especially, their photo cards are always on-sale! 

*Feel free to have your cards printed anywhere you like (Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc...) as just a regular photo image too.  I just always recommend the photo card option since it includes your envelopes.